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After the Success of Autonomous Driving Berlin -
The Next Chapter for ADAS has been Opened!

Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014

The Road towards Autonomous Driving

we.CONECT proudly invites senior level executives and leading professionals in the field of autonomous driving from all over the world to the first Automotive Tech.AD 2014 Detroit to envision the vibrant future of ADAS and self-driving cars.

Today, autonomous driving is already a reality in sectors initially not taken into consideration. The industry knows: autonomous driving will disrupt the market faster than the consumer may think and provoke more complex issues than professionals might expect.

Form part of the Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014 - The Road towards Autonomous Driving, the leading interactive  highlight conference from Germany  to discuss the advanced and pressing technological, safety-, risk-, social- and legal tasks of autonomous driving together with a thriving international community of automotive expert peers.

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  • more than 200 participants
  • 110 companies
  • 9 World Cafés
  • 8 Challenge Your Peers Roundtables
  • 4 eventful Icebreaker Session
  • 20+ high level case studies





"A highly dynamic event on the most relevant topics of autonomous driving presented by competent
experts and intense discussions of the participants!"
Dr. Hariolf Gentner, BWW AG

"A terrific way to connect with experts in the field , get a precise overview of current advances and
catch a glimpse of the future of ADAS together!"

Dr. Sven Beiker, Center for Automotive Research at Stanford University

"Outstanding collection of key players in the industry! This event enabled to touch opon
all angles autonomous driving!"

Prof. Emilio Frazzoli, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

"Impressive gathering of the main actors involved in automated driving in the world today - and more!"
Moroine Laoufi, Autoliv Electronic SAS

"A very focused event analyzing the topic of automated driving from the most diverse
perspectives together with the relevant people!"

Robin Schubert, Baselabs GmbH

"An immpressively well-organized and dynamic event on autonomous driving that brought together
the high-level players from diverse backgrounds!"

Nick Graham, DENSO AUTOMOTIVE Deutschland GmbH

"A great event with the aim of supporting the AD community to communicate"
Francesco Vernacchia, Fiat Group Autonomobiles

"Well-rounded and unique kaleidoscope of pictures on the state of AD, with a pinch of
controversial opinions and truly international flavour!"

Alexa Kojima, Fujitsu Ten (Europe) GmbH

"Berlin - The New Centre for Automotive Congresses! we.CONECT has made it happen!"
Jan-Paul Leuteritz, Fraunhofer IAO

“Coverage of participants is good - any region, any industry!”
Yoshinari Shiraishi, Fujitsu Ten Limited

“The conference gave a catchy overview about all areas of AD and the planned roadmaps”
Oliver Klenke, Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision GmbH


What Can You Expect @ we.CONECT?

COMMUNITY: Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2014 - The Future of ADAS is the only international business platform that discusses all technological as well as legal aspects of autonomous driving with speakers from all over the globe.

DELEGATES: 150+ senior level executives and leading professionals discuss the challenges and solutions, technologies, trends and best practice innovations in the field of autonomous driving.

SPEAKERS & MODERATORS: 25+ pioneering experts and industry-leaders share experiences forecast highlights of the autonomous driving revolution, present their best practices, feature best-in-class projects and explain the advances in recent project execution.

NETWORKING: More than 30+ hours of networking enable you to meet and greet with those hard-to-meet executives and global players in the autonomous driving scene in a relaxed and social setting. Knowledge sharing is taken to another level in real-time debates and challenging roundtable discussions.

SESSIONS: 25+ innovative and highly-interactive sessions ensure that all key topics are covered. This is your chance to challenge your peers of top-level executives from across the automotive industry with the burning questions of the time and develop intelligent solutions in a targeted atmosphere.

FORMAT: More than 20 case studies and highly interactive sessions, such as the unique we.CONECT World Café Session, our Icebreaker and Challenge Your Peers roundtables ensure you the detailed examination of cutting-edge topics and thus the highest conference outcome possible. Are you ready to thrive?

We look forward to welcoming you!
Your we.CONECT team